1st August 2017

Logical Fallcies

The Fallacy Fallacy – When someone uses a fake argument to argue a fake argument i.e. if someone said “Steven is racist because he finds racist jokes funny” then I could argue that “Well you also have found racist jokes funny so wouldn’t that make you racist too?”

Appeal To Authority – When someone uses an argument that uses someone who has greater power/knowledge over them to back their argument up i.e. “Hoodies are out of fashion this year because this highly rated magazine said so”.

Straw-man – When someone argues a certain point of your argument i.e. “Women don’t make up most of the work force in areas that are physically demanding” and someone would say”Are you saying that women are weaker than men?”.

“No true scotsman” – This argument uses a technique so that everytime someone argues your point, you can discard that argument i.e. “No true scotsman would have sugar on his porridge”, Then a scotsman walks in and says “I put sugar on my porridge”, and then the arguer says “Well then you are not a true scotsman”.

My Fallacy Statement – “Safe spaces” for students at universities is bad for them because all it does is make them less resistant towards offensive comments, and that leads them to be less likely to accept criticism, which won’t let them become more educated on a subject of interest.

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