Fahrenheit 451 is a book about censorship and defiance written by Ray Bradbury.

This story takes place in the future where books that are from England are illegal and firemen start fires instead of putting them out. The main character, Guy Montag, is one these firemen, as he has been for the last 10 years of his life. He was very happy with his job, his wife, and his own life. Until one night he met a young girl. Her name was Clarisse, and unlike other people in his world, she had an imagination and asked questions. After talking to her that night, Montag found himself questioning everything, and later came home to his wife who went on an overdose of sleeping pills. After 2 doctors came in and fixed her, she woke up the next morning feeling very hungry and not remembering anything from the night before. That same day, Montag went to work where he was confronted by the Hound, which was a machine used to catch people with books. Someone had been feeding its database with information saying Montag was in possession of books, which made the Hound see Montag as a threat. That night, when going out on a call, Montag talks to a woman who owns books and she was willing to give her life along with the books, which she did after giving Montag a book to keep and lighting the fire herself. After going home, Montag woke up the next morning sick, and refused to go to work. His boss Beatty comes around and talks to him about the night before and why books had become illegal, hinting that he knew that Montag took a book home. That same day, after Beatty had left, Montag showed his wife Mildred that he had 20 books and that he had wanted to read them and find out what they said. His wife tried to destroy them, but he convinced her to sit down and read some of them with him. After reading a few of the books, his wife became a little less nervous about the books, and allowed Montag to keep reading them. However, after a long time, he began to feel sorry for his wife who he had made read the books with him, and he also felt like there was no longer a point to reading all the books and then ended up going to work for the night. On his way to work, he had a memory of meeting a retired English professor a year before whose name was Faber. He decided that the next day he was going to go to meet up with this man and was going to call him before going to work. When he called him, and asked him if he knew how many copies of the bible there was, Faber thought that it was a trick and hung up after yelling there are no more left, you know as well as I do. Montag then decides that he will go to Faber’s house and talk to him in person to show he wasn’t actually trying to trap him. When he arrives at Faber’s house with a bible in hand, he is allowed in and they begin talking about how they were going to begin taking down the system and allow books again. However, they decided that it would be too much work to be able to take the system down, and decided that instead starting small in their own city would be best. Faber gave montag a two-way ear-piece that he was going to use to help him plan while he was at home. However, while home and his wife has friends over to watch their virtual reality tv set, Montag decides that he would turn off the set and begin reading them poetry from a book he had. After he read them the poetry, one of his wife’s friends began crying and ended up going home. Faber had heard the entire thing through his two-way earpiece. He warned Montag that he can’t be giving away that he has books, as it was going to ruin their plan. Montag was told to go to work, and when he arrived, he ended up getting in an argument with his boss, which turned out later on to be a plan all set up by his boss. Later that night, they got a call out to a house that was reported to have books inside it. As they arrived, it is revealed that Montag’s wife had made the call out and ended up leaving him to go live with one of her friends. Montag is handed a flamethrower and is forced to burn down his own house, with all the books still in it. After he finished burning the house down, Montag turned around and in anger he set his boss and all of his old workmates on fire. He got attacked by the hound, which was in the area at the time of his burning, but he also destroyed that with the flamethrower. He then proceeded to drop the flamethrower and run away from the sight of his burning house and out of the city as the police and more hounds began to chase him. He ran all the way to Faber’s house, reaching it and telling Faber to leave the city before the attack began. He also made sure to cover up his tracks, as he didn’t want the hound’s to come to Faber’s house and kill him instead. As Montag finally made it to the edge of the city and over a river, he came across a group of people that had been reading books and became outcasts from the rest of the world. As they were talking, the t.v they were using had begun showing the police cornering and catching ‘Montag’, which was actually just a random man in the streets. The feed then ended and the chase was ‘over’. After a short while of talking, planes began flying towards the city, and within a few seconds, they had completely destroyed the city the Montag once lived in, and everyone Montag once knew. He didn’t feel sad that he lost his wife, which felt strange to him. He then realized that he had not ever loved her in the beginning, and that it was all just the government controlling him and making him think he actually felt for her. After recovering from the shock, Montag and his new group began walking down a train track, in order to find more who had been outcasts, and perhaps those that survived the bombs.

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